Paros Island

Pure Paros

As part of the Cycladic complex of islands, like it’s very popular neighbours, Paros is blessed with stretches of gorgeous sandy beaches, activities for adventure lovers, archaeological sites, vibrant nightlife, elegant boutiques and excellent food at cafés, traditional tavernas, fresh fish restaurants.

However, Paros is specifically cherished for its balance of modern and traditional – with advancements catering to every traveller’s need yet still maintaining its connection to nature and a slower, purer way of life with its beautifully unspoilt, hilly terrain, traditional sensibility, architecture & authentic Greek hospitality (‘filoxenia’).


Paros: A realm of authentic island life, where purity, tradition, and accessibility converge in a symphony of serene landscapes and unique villages, inviting you to a richer, more authentic existence.

Rich history

Multiple museums & archaeological sites testify to its glorious past dating back to 3200BC – prosperous in antiquity as the source of high-quality marble (for example used to construct the Venus de Milo). Thereafter Paros was occupied in turn by Arcadians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantians and Venetians who all left their mark. Must-sees include the 13th century Venetian Castle in Naoussa and 4th century Byzantine church of ‘Panagia Ekatontapiliani’ (Church of 100 Doors) in Parikia where, according to legend, the 100th secret door will open when the Church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople becomes Orthodox once more.


Adventuring spirits can explore the depths of the oceans and peaks of mountaintops. Hiking trails, bike routes and water sports abound on the island. Paros boasts some of world’s most acclaimed wind/kitesurfing spots, that take advantage of the famous Meltemi winds, most notably on Golden Beach and in the strait between Paros and Antiparos.

Each Parian village offers something special from the bustling elegance of picturesque Naoussa, to the vibrant historical main town of Parikia.

nature reserves

Home to several nature reserves such as Paros Environmental and Cultural Park in the Agios Ioannis Detis peninsula Naoussa bay with a wide range of hiking routes and untouched seaside coves and ‘Petaloudes’ (Butterfly Valley Nature Reserve) resting above MYTHIC, where exotic butterflies are welcome visitors.

getting to paros

Easily accessed via flight to Paros Airport or ferry to Parikia Port, from Athens and nearby islands.

  • International flight direct from Athens El Venizelos Airport
  • 30-40 min flight from Athens
  • 3.5 hour ferry from Athens
  • Various ferries from close by islands (e.g Naxos, Mykonos, Antiparos)
  • 1 hour ferry from Mykonos
nearby landmarks

Located in the calm South-West of Paros Island. Close to Butterfly Valley Nature Reserve.

  • 6.2 km from Paros Airport
  • 5.4 km from Parikia, the island’s capital and main port 
  • 3.8 km from Pounda port, offering a 7-minute ferry to Antiparos. 
  • Nearby beaches: Agia Irini (2 km), Parasporos (3.3 km) 
  • 14 km from the chic town of Naousa