Eternal Discovery in our Unique Spaces

In the heart of Mythic Paros, ancient traditions meld seamlessly with a vision of modern hospitality, inviting you to experience the island’s authentic charm. Together with our partner La Tatti, we curate experiences that resonate with the essence of Paros—where the journey into wellness, the joy of community, and the depths of Greek culinary artistry become part of your story, set within the island’s natural splendor.

Your time at Mythic Paros is an invitation to a deeper understanding, an exploration that goes beyond mere travel. Against the backdrop of the endless Aegean, we guide you through experiences crafted to reveal the extraordinary in every moment. This journey, inspired by our commitment to eternal discovery in elemental harmony, transforms the way you see the world and your place within it.

Craft unforgettable memories

Our personalized concierge service ensures you depart Paros with more than memories; you’ll carry stories woven into your being. Envision laughter shared over local wine, steps traced on ancient paths, sun-kissed adventures at sea, and the flavors of the island—grilled octopus, ‘Xynomyzithra’ cheese, and fresh greens from quaint villages. 

These curated moments embody Mythic Paros’s spirit: a harmonious blend of discovery and tradition, where every experience enriches your story.


Dive into Mythic Paros, a haven where serene spa moments, mindful practices, and alfresco calm beautifully intertwine designed by our partner La Tatti. In the heart of our Cavo Senso Spa, discover treatments that echo Greece’s wild essence.

Ascend to Somana Flo Studio, a space of unity with the horizon, offering a dance of body and spirit. Embrace La Tatti’s wellness events and workshops, designed for personal evolution and connection in Paros’s heart. Mythic awaits to unfold your journey of discovery and renewal.


Envision your gathering amidst the glorious backdrop of Mythic Paros, where every event is transformed into a memorable story. Our exquisite spaces, each with its unique character, offer the perfect canvas for your celebrations, meetings, or retreats, promising an ambiance of exclusivity and elemental elegance. 

From intimate dinners under the stars, bespoke weddings overlooking the Aegean Sea, to thought-provoking seminars in our Somana Flo Studio, share your vision complemented by Mythic’s exceptional service and local culinary delights. 

We will connect you with local partners to guide you in creating an event that not only meets but exceeds expectations, leaving each guest with a sense of wonder and stories to cherish.

Muzzein Cliffside Experience Restaurant

Where exceptional dining meets the splendid panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Delight in innovative Greek dishes, the fresh, simplicity of local cuisine and panoramic sea and sunset views, all in the spirit of Aegean hospitality, for an unforgettable dining discovery.