26 JUNE 2024

Ancient Greek Music Journey

mythic paros presents

Kleopas: Return to Ancient Greece

26 JUNE 2024
€40 including local wine & canapé plate

Archaic melodies on the ancient Lyre meet the cutting edge sound of the Jazz piano.The performance includes songs coming to us directly from ancient Greece as well as traditional music from different regions of Greece and some of Kleopas’s own compositions.

The performance begins with the first song ever recorded : The epitaph of Seikilos. Then continues traveling In different regions of Greece and meeting their own traditional music, leading up to today where we will present our own compositions. Primal melodies of the ancient lyre blend with the jazzy colours of the piano offering a unique experience.

Thanasis Kleopas Bio

Thanasis Kleopas is a composer, singer, ancient lyre and guitar player with many performances around the word, such as Thailand, Japan, India, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
He combines traditional music with the ancient Greek lyre and tries to produce emotion-provoking music. He performed in the past in churches, schools with kids with special needs, museums, in fashion shows such as Dolce & Gabbana summer show in Milan and in China as a Greek ambassador in the Cultural Beijing Forum.

Stefano's Kleopas Bio

Stefanos Kleopas is one of the most promising young talents in the Greek Jazz scene. Lately he has been collaborating with his father, Thanasis Kleopas performing in various venues such as Symposium Cultural center in Santorini and Peliti Festival.

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