private events

private events and weddings

Mythic Paros features a range of exceptional event spaces: the Cavo Senso Spa by Mythic on the ‘Beach’ (230m2) is perfect for sunset drinks or daytime events under the Mediterranean sun. The Poolside Bar and Turquoise infinity pools (100m2 + 300m2) offer vast outdoor areas ideal for large gatherings.

Muzzein Cliffside Experience accommodates at least 22 tables for outdoor group dinners under the stars. At the hotel’s pinnacle, the Somano Flo Studio & Event Space (127m2) combines alfresco and sheltered areas, accommodating up to 100 people, and can be converted into a dancefloor at night, offering stunning views and sunsets. 

Mythic provides diverse, atmospheric venues for unforgettable events, inviting guests to bring their vision to life for any special occasion.


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