Paros Gaia Project


We are committed to protecting the delicate eco-system of beautiful Paros Island for our generations & those to come.


Paros Gaia: Preserving Nature's Legacy

We are committed to our Paros Gaia Project launched in 2022 partnering with La Tatti. From harnessing renewable energy and conserving resources to ensuring every room features refillable bottles and sustainable materials, our ethos is clear.

We champion the #drinktapwater campaign, offer eco-friendly amenities, and practice meticulous waste management and recycling. Our dedication extends to responsible purchasing, minimizing plastic use, and embracing technology for paperless communication.


We deeply invest in educating both our guests and team on the virtues of responsible travel and eco-conscious living, ensuring that our journey towards sustainability is shared, understood, and celebrated by all who step into our haven.

In collaboration with Clean Blue Paros, we're working towards making Paros the first plastic waste-free MEDITERRANEAN island through this landmark eco initiative.